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    Police Beat

    Three students cited for alcohol possession

    Three students were cited for minor in possession and one was taken to University Medical Center for extreme intoxication Sunday at 6 p.m.

    Police responded to a call regarding two people who passed out on the grass on Cherry Avenue and University Boulevard. Upon arrival, the officer noticed a male and female passed out on the southwest corner of the grass area.

    The officer made contact with another female who said she was trying to wake her boyfriend. She told officers that they had all been drinking whiskey at different places around campus and had gone to that area to drink more when the other two passed out.

    The man was lying on his back unconscious. The officer attempted to wake him, but he was unresponsive to verbal stimulus. The officer attempted to sit him up as well, but the man was falling over and was limp, unable to sit up on his own.

    Reports noted that the man smelled strongly of intoxicants. The officer rolled him on his side and called the Tucson Fire Department to respond to a call for extreme intoxication.

    The officer then approached the other girl who was approximately 15 feet away and unconscious. She was woken up, and reports said she also smelled strongly of intoxicants and had slurred speech. She told the officer that around 3 p.m. she drank two Bud Lights and some whiskey with the other two people. She also said that the man was the one who had the alcohol. Officers asked her why she was lying on the ground, and she responded by saying that she was “”just tired.””

    TFD arrived on scene and transported the man to University Medical Center. The two girls were cited and released on scene.

    The man was interviewed later after waking up. He told officers that he had obtained a “”fifth of vodka”” from a homeless man at the Safeway grocery store on Broadway Street and Campbell Avenue. He said he then drank the bottle in an alley and did not remember anything after that. He was cited and released.

    Fraternity members told to pick up mess

    Two fraternity members were told to clean up after police were called Sunday.

    A member of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity contacted police after they said men from the Beta Theta Pi fraternity across the street were throwing beer bottles at their house.

    Police made contact with a man from the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity who said that he and other members of the house had witnessed two unknown men throwing beer bottles from the balcony. It was determined that no damage was done. The man asked that members of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity come clean up the mess.

    Officers made contact with a man at the Beta Theta Pi house. He informed him of the situation and told them that they needed two members of the house to go across the street and pick up the bottle pieces.

    No charges were filed. Greek Life was called and informed about the situation.

    Man allegedly attempted to switch price tags

    A man was cited for shoplifting after attempting to switch price tags on merchandise on Sunday.

    Police were called to the UofA Bookstore for a shoplifting call. When they arrived, they were taken to a conference room on the second floor where a man was being held. According to bookstore security, the man had tried to purchase a set of headphones after switching price tags on them.

    The original price of the headphones was $49.99, and he attempted to buy them for $14.99. When the man attempted to pay for the item, his ATM card was declined. Security caught the man on tape and called police shortly after.

    The student was told he could not return to the bookstore until he showed proof that he had completed the UA diversion program. He was cited and released.

    Syrup drawing of penis removed, photos taken

    Police responded to a call for graffiti on the ground near the Arizona Stadium last Monday.

    Officers were called to find someone to remove a large drawing of a penis on the ground that had apparently been made from blue syrup. The syrup was from a snow cone concession stand across from the restrooms near the stadium.

    Photos were taken for evidence, and a cleanup crew was called to the scene.

    Woman acts erratically, is taken to UMC

    A woman was taken to the UMC last Monday after breaking out into hysterics near the library.

    Police were called after it was reported that there was a woman screaming and crying very loudly in the library. When police arrived, the woman had moved to the corner of Cherry Avenue and University Boulevard. Reports said the woman was acting delirious.

    She was from China and spoke very little English, so the University of Arizona Police Department received help from two students who spoke Mandarin. A translator was called in later. The officer said the woman was saying things that did not make sense, would not explain why she was upset and continued a pattern of strange behavior. She would stand up, then sit down, then stand back up again.

    She finally told one of the translators that she wanted to call her parents back in China. Another student allowed her to use her phone to do so. The woman began walking away with the other woman’s cell phone, and when police attempted to stop her, she began to run.

    The woman was placed in handcuffs due to her erratic behavior. TFD was called to medically assess her. The woman agreed to go to UMC for treatment.

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