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    Police Beat

    Ma’am, please don’t throw cups

    A woman was cited and released for being a minor in possession of alcohol on April 18 at 3:15 a.m.

    While on patrol in Wilbur’s Underground, an officer observed a woman who appeared to be intoxicated. She had bloodshot, watery eyes, slurred speech and swayed while standing. The officer watched her throw a cup of water onto one of the tables inside The Cellar Bistro, so he approached her.

    The woman smelt of intoxicants. She told the officer that she was returning from a party at “”D-Chi”” where she had four drinks. She was only 18.

    The woman was cited and released on scene to one of her friends who was sober.

    Belligerent men invoke Fourth Amendment

    Two men were referred to the Dean of Students Office for disorderly conduct on April 18 at 2:06 a.m.

    Police responded to Navajo Residence Hall in reference to the smell of marijuana coming from one of the rooms. When they arrived, police made contact with the resident assistant and one of the men who lived in the room.

    The RA told police that while he was doing rounds, he smelt the odor of marijuana. He said he traced it to the men’s room, so he called another RA up to the floor to see if she smelt it too. The other RA did smell marijuana, so he made contact with the people in the room. The RA said that there was another man who lived in the room with the student, but he left the scene after being asked to stay. When he returned, he began to yell at and harass the RA, saying that there was no marijuana in his room and that he was being wrongfully persecuted. The RA said the man would not allow him to speak because he constantly interrupted him and spoke over him.

    Police had the man take them up to his room. While they were walking there, the officer noted that the man showed him a lot of attitude. The man was cursing and saying that the situation was “”so unfair and unjustified”” because there was nothing in his room and he does not smoke marijuana.

    When they got to the man’s room, the officer asked him if he had smoked any marijuana in there. The man said no.

    While police were talking to the man, another resident from a neighboring room tried to interject, even when the RA told him to go back to his room. He continued to stay near the scene.

    Police asked the man if they could search his room, but he refused saying that he would prefer not “”because of principle.”” The man said that his roommate was in the room all night and was sleeping.

    Police knocked on the door and the man’s roommate answered. He seemed to be in a daze from waking up, and was asked if there was any marijuana in the room. The roommate said no. Police noticed that there was a strong odor of marijuana coming from the room as soon as the door was opened. They asked the roommate if they could search the room, and he too said no.

    Police noted that every time they tried to talk to the first man, he accused them of “”bullying”” him or “”being mean”” to him. He would not allow officers to speak and he refused to stop talking when asked to be quiet. Throughout the incident, the man continued to yell at the RA and told his roommate not to speak with officers. Police asked him if there was nothing in the room, why would he not allow them to search it. The man continued to say that it was on principle. Police told the men that they had the right to deny a search, but the more they cooperated the better it would be for them. Both men said that they still did not want police to search the room. The man became so upset at one point he started crying and would not stop for several minutes.

    The man was referred to the Dean of Students Office for disorderly conduct.

    Upon leaving, the man who stood outside the room during the incident told police, “”Goodbye assholes.”” Police stopped and asked him what business it was of his to involve himself in the incident. The man told police that he heard the whole thing and that all they did was bully the two roommates. The man said that he knew there was not marijuana in the room and all the officers were doing was bullying and harassing them. The man continued to curse at police and was confrontational. They explained to him that the incident did not involve him. The man continued to be “”belligerent and disrespectful”” towards police.

    Police also referred the man to the Dean of Students Office for disorderly conduct.

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