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    Fast Facts

    The phrase laptop machines is an anagram of Apple Macintosh.

    In 1783, the first three passengers ascended above the Earth in a gondola below a hot-air balloon. The group was comprised of a rooster, a duck and a sheep.

    When a person withdraws more than $10,000 from any financial institution in the United States, the IRS is automatically notified.

    Sometimes a black bear doesn’t “”go”” in the woods. While taking a winter-long nap, all the bear’s bodily functions slow down, meaning the creature doesn’t have to relieve itself until emerging in the spring.

    Only one member of the Beatles never appeared on Saturday Night Live: John Lennon.

    Considered one of the most scholarly men of his era, Ben Franklin first attended school at the age of eight and dropped out when he was only 10.

    A standard six-sided die has a total of 21 pips (dots) on its sides. Any two opposite sides add up to the number seven.

    Songwriter Mike Stoller was a passenger aboard the Andrea Doria when it sank in 1956. He was rescued and brought to New York, where songwriting partner Jerry Leiber greeted him with the news that Elvis Presley had recorded their song “”Hound Dog.””

    Earnest Vincent Wright wrote a 50,000-word novel (Gadsby) in 1939 without using the letter E.

    John F. Kennedy, Jr. had a small tattoo of a shamrock inked on his backside, reportedly the result of a wild night spent out “”on the town”” in Manhattan.

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