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    Police Beat: Best of 2010-2011

    She’s just not that into you (Feb. 18)

    A female UA student reported receiving harassing calls and text messages to UAPD on Wednesday at 2:38 p.m.

    The student told the officer that the messages were from a friend from high school.

    The friend wanted to be “”more than friends”” with the student, but she wanted to only be friends and had explained that to him in the past.

    After high school, the two lost contact with each other.

    Recently, the friend contacted the student on Facebook, and they decided to meet for coffee.

    After their meeting, the two went back to the student’s residence hall.

    The friend attempted to hold the student’s hand and kissed the student several times on the shoulder.

    The student never told the friend to stop, but would move her hand if he tried to hold it.

    On Monday, the student told the friend she was not interested in a romantic relationship and requested that the friend leave her alone.

    The friend continued to send several text messages and phone calls.

    One of the texts contained a threat to show the emails between the two to a man the student was interested in.

    The officer contacted the friend and told him that the student did not want to be contacted again.

    The friend said that he “”got the hint”” on Monday and wasn’t planning on contacting the student.

    The officer said the student would be pressing harassment charges if contacted again.

    The friend said he understood and requested the officer also tell the student to not contact him in any way.

    The officer explained to the student how to obtain a restraining order from the Pima County Court.

    Man drinking Natty Ice in ILC vomits on self (Mar. 31)

    A non-UA affiliated man vomited on himself in the ILC and was arrested for drinking in public on March 25.

    A UAPD officer responded to the Manuel T. Pacheco Integrated Learning Center and spoke with a library employee.

    The employee showed the officer where the man was sitting and said that he vomited on himself while using a computer. The employee also reported that the man was taking drinks from a brown bottle that they believed to be beer.

    The officer met with the man at a computer terminal on the south end of the ILC.

    The man appeared extremely intoxicated and had vomit on his shirt and the front of his pants.

    There was also a pool of vomit on the floor beneath his chair.

    Open food wrappers and trash littered the area where he was sitting.

    Two 32-ounce bottles of Natural Ice beer were sitting on the floor next to him.

    The officer arrested the man for drinking in public and placed him in handcuffs.

    “”I know I don’t belong here,”” he said.

    He also said that he was “”severely mental”” and, because he had been drinking all day, had not taken his medication for two days.

    The officer transported him to the Pima County Jail where he was booked into custody for the liquor law violation.

    Multiple charges for alleged drug smuggler (April 11)

    An anonymous caller to UAPD on April 7 reported that a UA student was packaging and shipping large amounts of cocaine through his dorm room using the United States Postal Service.

    At 7:37 p.m., a UAPD officer responded to the Coronado Residence Hall and went to the room of the suspect.

    After knocking at the door, the two residents came to the door but said they wanted to talk outside of the room.

    The officer asked the suspected student if he was packaging cocaine, and the student denied the claim.

    He gave the officer permission to search his half of the room.

    Inside the room, the officer found a bag of green powder that the resident called “”spice,”” some plastic bags with white residue, a “”cross”” joint, two metal containers with white and green residue and a bag with white powder.

    What the officer asked about the white substance, the student said the bags weren’t his and that he didn’t know how they got there.

    Also in the room, the officer found a backpack with the resident’s name embroidered on it.

    Inside the backpack were bottles of alcohol, which the student admitted to owning.

    The officer arrested him for possession of narcotics, marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a fictitious driver’s license and minor in possession.

    A code of conduct referral was forwarded to the Dean of Students Office.

    Medical student comes to class with knife sewn in dress (Jan. 11)

    A UAPD officer was called in to respond to a possible knife threat at the College of Medicine at 10:17 a.m. on Jan. 7.

    The officer arrived to the third floor elevator where the female student was identified as the one who had the knife.

    A witness said that the student did not have the knife with her and was unarmed.

    The officer got confirmation from a college official that the woman was a medical student that was on antipsychotic medication but had stopped taking it.

    The official said she seemed disoriented and had acted strangely for a few weeks.

    One of the student’s classmates said that she was wearing a dress covered in strange things like passports and underwear.

    Her professor noticed that the woman had a knife sewn on the back of the dress she was wearing but allowed the professor to remove the knife from her dress.

    The professor then convinced the student to go to the hospital.

    Another UAPD officer escorted the woman to the University Medical Center emergency room.


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