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    Police Beat: April 22

    GTS: gym, tan, swoop

    A jealous ex-boyfriend was arrested for criminal damage on April 19.

    At 3:17 a.m., a University of Arizona Police Department officer responded to the Coronado Residence Hall after receiving a report of a fight in progress.

    Upon arrival, the officer was escorted to the incident location on an upper level of the dorm.

    He knocked on the door of the room and announced his presence, but received no response.

    Though no one answered, the officer could hear rustling from inside the room that sounded like wrestling.

    Instead of waiting at the door, the officer met with the neighbors who shared a bathroom with the room in question.

    The residents allowed the officer to enter and cross through to the other room.

    From the bathroom, the officer was able to see a 12-by-8 inch hole in the door and fist sized indentations.

    The officer then knocked on the bathroom door and asked to enter.

    Upon entering the room, the officer found a male UA student lying on top of his bed.

    There was a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and his fists had abrasions and cuts on the knuckles.

    He was then removed from his bed and placed into handcuffs.

    In the corner of the room, the officer noticed a trash bin full of beer cans.

    According to the student, he had invited his ex-girlfriend — a UA student — over to hang out with him and his roommate.

    Though they once dated, it had been over a year since they had been together.

    His roommate invited another person over and the four began drinking.

    However, the student became upset when his roommate started flirting with his ex-girlfriend.

    He admitted to being jealous and losing his temper.

    Even after approaching his roommate and telling him to stop flirting with her, the roommate continued.

    When his roommate and the ex-girlfriend left, the student became angry and started hitting the bathroom door.

    At this point, the officer arrested him for criminal damage and minor in possession.

    On his way out of the dorm, the officer ran into the student’s roommate in the elevator.

    His roommate corroborated the story and said that he had left to walk the girl back to the Apache-Santa Cruz Residence Hall.

    The officer, after noticing symptoms of intoxication, then cited and released the roommate for minor in possession as well.

    Delta Chi aids in larceny investigation

    A female UA student returned to her vehicle on April 19 to find that it had been broken into and several valuables had been stolen.

    At 8:09 a.m., a UAPD officer made contact with the student and inspected the vehicle.

    The car’s right rear passenger window was shattered, with glass shards in and around the vehicle.

    There was no evidence at the scene as to what was used to break the window.

    From her back seat, an Apple laptop, prescriptions and a sorority backpack containing her credit cards and identification had been stolen.

    Because she had parked her car in the Delta Chi fraternity parking lot, the officer made contact with the house adviser.

    The fraternity member advised the officer that surveillance cameras pointed toward the parking lot had caught the break-in on camera.

    At 5:04 a.m., a man wearing a light colored sweatshirt started walking around the parking lot, looking into cars with a flashlight and trying to open several cars using the door handles.

    Thirteen minutes later, he broke in to the student’s vehicle and ran out of the area into the back alley carrying something.

    A discarded prescription bottle was found empty inside the vehicle next to the broken window.

    The student told the officer that the bottle once had pills in it so the thief must have taken them.

    The bottle was taken into UAPD evidence and was sent to the crime lab for a finger print analysis.

    Bookstore security doesn’t mess around

    UofA Bookstore loss prevention staff tracked a male UA student to his class to charge him for shoplifting on April 19.

    At 12:32 p.m., a UAPD officer responded to the bookstore and met with loss prevention personnel.

    They said that they had witnessed a man shoplift a pen by putting it into his bag of purchased goods.

    While they were not able to stop him on his way out, they tracked his information using the credit card information from his previous purchase.

    Based on this information, they found him in his class at the Center for English as a Second Language.

    On arrival, the officer met with the suspect who admitted to taking the pen out of convenience.

    He was charged with shoplifting and released on scene.

    A Dean of Students Office code of conduct referral was completed.

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