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    “Sarah Silverman hung up on necks, being stupid”

    “”The Sarah Silverman Program”” is not something I would’ve thought to watch, but after hearing her talk about the current third season, her neck issues and her journey as a comedian, it’s hard not to be intrigued.

    Her TV show, which features the comedian as the immature and emotionally stunted Sarah Jane Anastasia Silverman, is not meant to portray Silverman herself, though some of the issues are caricatures of Silverman’s actual experiences.

    The neck obsession is among them.

    Sometimes, Silverman said, the stories come from real life. “”There’s a glimmer of it where I get obsessed with the neck. Why isn’t there bone there; there’s so much important stuff there,”” she said. “”The neck is fucking vulnerable.””

    Some of her humor is reality-based, some is crude, but none is apologetic.

    “”It doesn’t make sense in comedy to try not to offend anybody,”” Silverman said. She mentioned, however, that she’s not a fan of fat women jokes because she feels they represent a dangerous societal tendency and because “”it just burns (her) out.””

    That caveat aside, Silverman is a loose cannon. Sometimes even literally ­— she’ll be shot out of a cannon in an upcoming episode. Another of her self-professed craziest episodes of the season revolves around a Holocaust memorial contest.

    Indeed, Silverman took Katie Couric’s comment that her humor is demented as a compliment.

    Silverman’s confidence comes from a lifetime on the road and a cast composed completely of friends.

    “”I’ve had it really good because I feel like I’ve been around a long time,”” Silverman said. “”It feels like I’ve climbed up the ladder inch by inch.””

    And to think that it all began with an interest in musical theatre and a desire to act in “”Les Miserables.””

    “”Where I grew up it was very blonde, very Christian, very L.L.Bean,”” Silverman said. She attributes her desire to put people at ease to this background.

    From there, her performance art of choice became comedy.

    Her climb took her from performing “”shitty five minutes”” whenever she could, to the “”boot camp”” of writing for “”Saturday Night Live,”” to the thrill of having her own program, surrounded by her sister and best friends.

    “”I’ve just had such a fun adult life,”” Silverman said.

    When asked how this season will differ from the previous two, Silverman said, “”We just topped ourselves this year. We’re pushing buttons and shit like that, but it’s not something we set out to do.””

    There’s no better compliment, she said, than for everyone to be laughing, saying, “”That is so fucking dumb.””

    “”The goal,”” Silverman said, “”is to be aggressively stupid.””

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